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Comprehensive eye exams for the whole family


doctor and patient Buckley Exchange Optometry provides thorough eye exams for people of all ages. When you have your eyes checked at Buckley Exchange Optometry, they will be tested for more than your prescription for glasses. We will also check your eye health for diseases including cataracts, glaucoma, strabismus, and macular degeneration. And we'll dilate your eyes to check for internal diseases and certain systemic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Our office provides continued care for patients with chronic diseases that affect the eye, and we have an excellent referral network of general ophthalmologists, glaucoma and retinal specialists, neurological experts, and even plastic surgeons.

Contact Lens Fittings

We provide contact lens fitting services for patients new to wearing contact lenses or patients in need of a re-fit for their existing contact lenses.

First, we'll evaluate your eyes to determine if you are a good candidate for contact lenses. If so, we'll start work on determining which type of contact lens is right for you by measuring your eyes, scheduling a trial fitting, and-when necessary-refining your prescription. We want to find the contacts that will give you the best visual acuity and feel the most comfortable.

We offer a large variety of contacts, including bifocals, colored contacts, disposable contacts, contact lenses for astigmatism, and contact lenses for scarred or deformed corneas.

Eye glass fittingsEye Glasses Prescriptions

The fit of your glasses is very important for the proper correction of your eye problems. We'll write specific directions for the lens technicians, helping to ensure your glasses help your vision as much as possible.

We're located right next door to LensCrafters, where you can choose from a large selection of quality frames.

Treatment and Management of Eye Diseases and Ailments

Dr. McClelland is licensed by the Colorado Board of Optometry to prescribe medications for the care of eye diseases and ailments. We treat all types of eye diseases, including everything from infections such as pink eye to injuries like scratches.

Please contact Buckley Exchange Optometry immediately if you are experiencing any eye pain or redness. We treat ocular infections, dry eyes, and more.


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